Administrative Staff

Valerie Bostick

Executive Director

Krista Wedding

Director of Business Operations

Jared Totsch

Director of Early Learning

Sister Joanne Vasa

Director of Mission Integration

Laura Caine

Assistant Director

Paula Hendrickson

Assistant Director

Ashley McReynolds

Communications Specialist

Jayla Gish

Administrative Assistant

Lisa Kirves

Business Operations Assistant

Sister Sylvia Guerra, MSW, LSW

Family and Child Support Specialist

Infant and Toddler Teachers

Brittany Miles

Lead Teacher, Room D

Julie Winstead

Associate Teacher, Room D

Lindsey Schenk

Lead Teacher, Room E

Rachel Davis

Associate Teacher, Room E

Emily Nation

Lead Teacher, Room G

Shannon Wargel

Associate Teacher, Room G

Tasha Duff

Lead Teacher, Room H

Corienne Hoppe

Associate Teacher, Room H

Jayda Brink

Lead Teacher, Room I

Liz Buckman

Associate Teacher, Room I

Cindy Myers

Lead Teacher, Room J

Caitlin Molloy

Associate Teacher, Room J

Sarah Luzader

Lead Teacher, Room K

Patty Morris

Associate Teacher, Room K

Laci Beasley

Lead Teacher, Room L

Jerrica Magill

Associate Teacher, Room L

Preschool Teachers

Carrie Moore

Lead Teacher, Room 1

Julie Davis

Associate Teacher, Room 1

Carmen Sparling

Lead Teacher, Room 2

Kylie Lang

Associate Teacher, Room 2

Tashay Lewis

Lead Teacher, Room 3

RayAnne Lowe

Associate Teacher, Room 3

Ashley Barrow

Lead Teacher, Room 4

Jordyn Carroll

Associate Teacher, Room 4

Cheryl Mattingly

Lead Teacher, Room 5

Rita Barnett

Associate Teacher, Room 5

Kelsey Stanley

Lead Teacher, Room 6

Float Teachers

Dalan Bagby

Float Teacher

Eric Davis

Float Teacher

Lori Jones

Float Teacher

Patty Payne

Float Teacher

LeAnn Sloan

Art Studio/Float Teacher

Facility Staff

Lori Murray

Facilities Manager

Kathy Market

Food Services Manager

Candace Riddle

Housekeeping Assistant

Pam Stubblefield

Dietary Assistant

Cameron Timmons

Maintenance Associate

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