Really Seeing Children – An Institute with Deb Curtis

Big Ideas for the Institute – Friday, March 29th and Saturday, March 30th 8am to 3pm

Seton Residence, 9200 New Harmony Rd, Evansville, IN 47720

Choose 1 day or both to attend.

  • 1 day registration $30
  • Two day registration: $50

* Collaborate in Communities of Practice to consider multiple perspectives and deepen your approaches to reflective teaching.

* Learn a protocol to guide your daily decision making and your ongoing role as a teacher researcher.

* Observe learning and developmental theory in children’s daily pursuits, including sensory motor play, schema theory, complex play skills, and the development of identity and social interactions.

* Examine environments and materials to meet up with children’s developing brains

* Study various teacher research projects to find meaningful approaches and questions for your own practice.

* Envision your own inquiry questions, and think about the possible discoveries that you can make with children, families and your teaching team.

* Re-energize your spirit and rediscover the joys of working with children.


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