Our Impact

Since 1918, St. Vincent Early Learning Center has served our community. As we look to the future, your support and investment in our work continue to be critical to the children, families and community we serve. Here are just a few of the reasons why:

We Impact Children

  • Research shows that one of the best investments in a child’s life is high-quality, early education like St. Vincent provides. The evidence is clear—building a strong foundation in a child’s early years creates the best opportunity for later success in school and life...and it pays dividends for generations to come.
  • St. Vincent’s program focuses on healthy development and education of children from birth to age five, the time that is most influential in a child’s brain development. Our comprehensive curriculum focuses not only on education but also on social and emotional development.
  • Unlike many early education programs, ours is nationally accredited. We meet strict guidelines pertaining to the number of children per classroom, child to teacher ratio, and staff qualifications.
  • Early education has the largest per-child impact on disadvantaged children, and approximately 70% of the children served by St. Vincent come from low-income families.

We Impact Parents and Families

  • St. Vincent recognizes the connection between child and family and its impact on future well-being and success. That is why we take a unique, two-generation approach and offer intentional, coordinated programs for children and adults.
  • We help children thrive and succeed by addressing the obstacles and challenges facing their parents. Both parent and child are equipped with skills to improve their lives and help them move out of poverty.
  • Our work supports the growing evidence that suggests coaching parents to stimulate their children early in life is key to breaking the cycle of poverty.

We Impact Our Community

  • St. Vincent works cooperatively with more than 45 local agencies – partnering to respond to the needs of children and parents in our community.
  • Early education, like the program offered at St. Vincent, leads to improved high school graduation rates, increased lifetime earnings, and reduced crime rates. The result is cost savings and other benefits for our community.
  • Your support of St. Vincent is a long-term investment in tomorrow’s workforce, parents, and leaders and will enable us to continue Growing Our Future.